BRI Research

The BRI is unique in its capacity to perform multidisciplinary research on multiple pathogens and host species within a single facility.

As the designated facility at Kansas State University for work on organisms classified by the U.S government as select agents, our highly specialized facilities and highly trained and approved personnel ensure constant accountability, safety and security. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Basic biology of pathogens of animals, humans or plants.

  • Diagnostic technology development for rapid and accurate disease detection.

  • Vaccine development, testing, and validation.

  • Detection of pathogens in food — pre- and post-harvest.

  • Food safety and security in food processing.

  • Contamination control — mitigation and decontamination.

  • Disease transmission between hosts and vectors.

Research Spaces

Research Support Services

  • Select Agent Registration
  • Biosafety Training
  • Hazardous Material Shipping
  • Laundry
  • Consumable Supplies
  • Long Term Storage
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Animal Care
  • Occupational Medicine
  • On-Site Science Equipment

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If you are interested in conducting research at the BRI, contact the director.