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Biosecurity Research Institute

BSL-3Ag Small Animal

The BRI has five livestock containment suites featuring gastight doors and individual shower change areas plus additional biocontainment enhancements. The biocontainment capabilities meet recommended BSL-3Ag features of Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) and function as primary barriers for containment of infectious materials. Together with experimental protocols, these facilities ensure safe research of infectious diseases in large animals. The BSL-3Ag space has penning and gating appropriate for bovine, swine, small ruminants and avians with Animal Care and Use program accreditation through AAALAC. We are proud to be one of a very few research institutions in the United States to offer BSL-3Ag research in large animals.

All BSL-3Ag areas include:

  • Poured concrete construction
  • Pressure decay-tested space
  • Individual security PIN code access
  • Security cameras
  • Entry/exit (clean/dirty) corridor system
  • Gastight doors as biobarriers
  • Individual shower out/change areas at each animal room
  • Double HEPA filtration of exhaust air and HEPA filtration of supply air
  • Direct access to pathogen destruction and waste management via alkaline hydrolysis technology
  • Liquid effluent treatment system

If you are interested in conducting research at the BRI, contact the Director.