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Biosecurity Research Institute

BSL-2 Food Processing

The BRI's BSL-2 food security and food processing areas occupy over 2,500 square feet. Biocontainment enhancements include effluent decontamination, magnetically interlocked anterooms, connected shower change areas, HEPA-filtered exhaust, and redundant ventilation systems. This area contains various industrial-scale food processing equipment for use in food safety research.

All areas are BSL-2 and include:

  • Poured concrete construction
  • Individual security PIN code access
  • Interlocked anteroom doors
  • Shower/change directly connected to the space
  • Overhead rail system
  • Adjacent research laboratory
  • Adjacent walk-in cold rooms and freezer
  • HEPA filtration of exhaust air
  • Liquid effluent decontamination system
  • Dual electrical feed and stand‐by power generator

If you are interested in conducting research at the BRI, contact the Director.