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Biosecurity Research Institute

Education and Training Programs

The BRI is committed to training the next generation of scientists who will study recurring and emerging infectious diseases.

The mission of the Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) Training and Education Program is to develop knowledge, skills and abilities through hands-on curriculum for all BRI employees, researchers, and collaborators. Education and outreach are also extended to external organizations and can be customized to fit their needs. 

  • The BRI is one of the few facilities in the nation with a training laboratory containing equipment to simulate research practices and emergency drills. We offer both classroom and experiential learning.

  • Our 10,000-square-foot education and training space contains an integrated training suite training classroom connected to a training laboratory, a lecture hall with advanced instructional technologies and connectivity to the research areas, and two conference/meeting rooms.

  • The BRI Education and Training Facility were designed with the goal of educating both in-house employees and researchers or members of the community. The facility serves as a training or meeting center for researchers and others in need of space for presentations, meetings, and trainings. The BRI has full-service conference planning capabilities including a dining area. Read more about our facilities and our conference services.

  • Facilities are equipped to record programs or webinars or for live streaming. Read more about our video services. 

Educational Spaces

  • Training Laboratory
  • Classroom
  • Lecture Hall
  • Meeting Room
  • Dining Area

Conference Services

  • Billing
  • Catering
  • Lodging
  • Registration

Video Services

  • HD video and audio
  • Distribution coordination

Contact the BRI director to learn more about training opportunities or training design and development for your biosafety team or maintenance and operations personnel.