Lecture Hall

Conference, meeting or training participants will be comfortable in the Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) Lecture Hall. The Lecture Hall will seat up to 48 people in adjustable rolling chairs set up in stadium seat style. The tables are equipped with electrical outlets to allow for the use of laptop computers or other electronics during sessions. Key presentation features include dual monitor screens on the wall for ease of viewing presented material and the capability to vary the lighting for lecture or movies.

Lecture Hall Photo Lecture hall Photo lecture hall photo Lecture Hall presentation


The Lecture Hall is additionally designed for press conferences and recorded events. The room is equipped with:

  • Three HD PTZ cameras
  • Two HD projectors
  • Computer with two interactive displays
  • Eight encrypted-wireless microphones
  • Voice reinforcement system
  • Telephone conference system
  • Program audio 7.1 surround system

Audio/Video Acquisition

To meet audio and video needs you may have, the lecture hall is equipped with three broadcast television quality HD cameras. Two cameras, installed on the rear wall, are used to record the presenter(s) and visual aids at the front of the room. One camera, installed on the front wall, is used to monitor the audience for reactions and questions. Video generated by either of the two dedicated computers, HD document camera, Blue-Ray Player or guest laptop is able to be directly recorded from the source to produce the highest possible video quality for high profile productions.

The eight encrypted-wireless microphones, four lapel microphones and four handheld microphones in the Lecture Hall are capable of integrating with the voice reinforcement system. The telephone conference system also integrates with the encrypted-wireless microphones and voice reinforcement system to allow participants on a telephone call to interact with the presenters and audience.

Press conferences are supported by providing in-house audio feeds to news crews at the back of the room allowing news crews to get the best quality audio for mixing with their camera generated video and eliminating the need for unsightly cables on the floor.

Let us record your next seminar, meeting, conference or training in the BRI Lecture Hall for multimedia delivery.

lecture hall camera photo