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Biosecurity Research Institute

Training Laboratory

The Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI) is dedicated to providing the best training experience possible. The Integrated Training Suite is a classroom-laboratory interactive learning environment, which employs the latest instructional technologies. Digital connectivity between the research and training areas will facilitate high quality training for the handling and identification of high-consequence pathogens and the diagnosis of diseases in animals and plants. The Integrated Training Suite (ITS) Training Laboratory is capable of training up to 15 people at a time and is designed for laboratory instruction, demonstrations, and experiential learning.

Training Laboratory Training Laboratory Training Laboratory Training Laboratory


The Training Laboratory is equipped with a:

  • Changing room
  • Shower
  • Dressing room
  • Mobile case work
  • Pass-through gas decontamination box
  • Pass-through dunk tank
  • Pass-through autoclave
  • Fume hood
  • Three biosafety cabinets
  • Optional -80 freezers
  • Refrigerator
  • Six ceiling mounted HD PTZ cameras (see below)
  • One bench-top HD medical camera (see below)
  • One biosafety cabinet HD medical camera (see below)
  • Eight encrypted-wireless microphones (4 lapel; 4 handheld)
  • Voice reinforcement system
  • Telephone conference system capability


 Schematic view of Training Laboratory cameras

Training Laboratory Cameras