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Biosecurity Research Institute


The Integrated Training Suite (ITS) Training Classroom accommodates instructor-led courses. The Training Classroom seats 18 people and is designed for small venue lectures, seminars, laboratory demonstrations and instruction.  The ITS Classroom is connected to the ITS Laboratory via a 17 foot window and integrated voice reinforcement audio system. The Classroom will facilitate high quality training for the handling and identification of high-consequence pathogens and the diagnosis of diseases in animals and plants.


The Classroom is equipped with a:

  • Dedicated computer,
  • 52 inch HD LCD presentation monitor,
  • DVD Player,
  • Eight encrypted-wireless microphones (4 lapel; 4 handheld),
  • Voice reinforcement system,
  • 5.1 surround sound program audio system,
  • Telephone conference system capabilities, 
  • Cameras: 1 HD 1080i  Cameras (optional), and
  • House video feed for Press Conferences.

If necessary, wireless Internet access is available in addition to laptop computers for training participants.

Training Classroom Training Classroom 2