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Biosecurity Research Institute

Facility Details

The BRI accommodates comprehensive interdisciplinary research with a combination of BSL-3 biocontainment spaces that are not commonly found under one roof.

These include not only BSL-3Ag livestock housing and specialized spaces to study plant diseases or plant-based vaccines, but also large, versatile spaces to facilitate research at BSL-2 that requires very large equipment important to the food processing industry (e.g., meatpacking line, produce-packing line). If necessary, these spaces could be rapidly modified to support other national needs.

Our professional staff members provide exemplary support for training and education, research, education and outreach activities, safety, security, compliance, and operations. 

Home to 113,000 square feet of lab, education, and administrative space, this BSL-3 and BSL3-Ag facility offers a wide range of research and training opportunities.

How to enter BSL-3 lab

Watch the video above and learn how one enters a BSL-3 laboratory.