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Biosecurity Research Institute



"Determining the susceptibility of Amercan Culex mosquitoes to Japanese encephalitis virus". Dana Vanlandingham. American Mosquito Control Association 82nd Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA, USA


"Chinkungunya in the Americas: the Recent Spread from Africa and Asia to the Americas". Dana Vanlandingham. Animal Research Symposium, Kansas City, MO, USA

"Chikungunya virus: a mosquito-borne virus new to the Americas". Stephen Higgs. Vanderbilt University Department of Biological Sciences, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

"Disease on the 21st Century Map". Stephen Higgs. Ghost Mapping: A Public Lecture Series, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

"The Emergence of Chikungunya in the Americas". Stephen Higgs. Singapore's 2nd One Health Symposium, Singapore

"The Role of Aedes albopictus in chikungunya virus transmission". Stephen Higgs. Entomological Society of America, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


"Kansas State University's Biosecurity Research Insitute". Stephen Higgs. South China Agricultural University of Veterinary Medicine, Guangzhou, China and Qinghua University, Beijing, China

"Summary of current chikungunya epidemiology/research and perspectives for future activity". Stephen Higgs. Symposium 76: Detection of chikungunya in the Western hemisphere-current situation and prospects for the future, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 63rd Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA


"Chikungunya virus". Stephen Higgs. Scientific Advisory Panel Meeting, Environmental Health Institute, Singapore


"Got Gas?  Chlorine Dioxide or Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide:  Which one is right for you?". Megan Sawyer, Joy Pierzynski, and Megan Trapp. American Biological Safety Association

 "KSU's Operating Assurance Model for Safety and Research Quality"(pdf). Scott Rusk.TRADELINE 2012 International Conference on Biocontainment Facilities  Download abstract.

"Virus-Vector-Vertebrate Interactions". Stephen Higgs. Society for General Microbiology Spring Conference, Dublin Ireland