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Biosecurity Research Institute


2020 Research Publications
(Listed alphabetically by first author)

Burke, C.W., Wiley, M.R., Beitzel, B.F., Gardner, C.L., Huang, Y-J., Piper, A.E., Vanlandingham, D.L., Higgs, S., Palacios, G., Glass, P.J. (2020). Complete coding sequence of western equine encephalitis virus (WEEV) strain Fleming, isolated from a human case. Microbiol Resour Announc 9(1):e01223-19. doi.org/10.1128/MRA.01223-19. {PubMed}

Gongora-Canul C., Salgado, J., Singh, J., Cruz, A., Cotrozzi, L., Couture J.J., Rivandeneira, M.G., Cruppe, G., Valent, B., Todd, T., Poland J., Cruz, C.D. (2020). Temporal dynamics of wheat blast epidemics and agreement between remotely sensed data measurements and visual estimations of wheat spike blast (WSB) under field conditions. Phytopathology 2020 Jan 2:PHYTO-08-19-0297-R. {PubMed}

Michael, M., Acuff, J., Lopez, K., Vega, D., Phebus, R., Thippareddi, H., Channaiah, L.H. (2020). Comparison of survival and heat resistance of Escherichia coli 0121 and Salmonella in muffins. 16 March 2020, 317:108422. doi: 10.1016/j.ijfoodmicro.2019.108422. {PubMed}

Young, C.L., Lyons, A.C., Hsu, W-W., Vanlandingham, D.L., Park, S.L., Bilyeu, A.N., Ayers, V.B., Hettenbach, S.M., Zelenka, A.M., Cool, K.R., Peterson, G.J., Higgs, S., Huang, Y.-J.S. (2020). Protection of swine by potent neutralizing anti-Japanese encephalitis virus monoclonal antibodies derived from vaccination. Antiviral Research 174:104675. doi: 10.1016/j.antiviral.2019.104675. {PubMed}