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Biosecurity Research Institute


2017 Research Publications
(Listed alphabetically by first author)

Channaiah, L.H., Michael, M., Acuff, J.C., Phebus, R.K., Thippareddi, H., Olewnik, M., Miliken, G. (2017). Validation of the baking process as a kill-step for controlling Salmonella in muffins. International Journal of Food Microbiology June 5; 250:1-6. {PubMed}

Dekkers, J., Rowland, R.R., Lunney, J.K., Plastow, G. (2017). Host genetics of response to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome in nursery pigs. Veterinary Microbiology September; 209:107-113. {PubMed

Dunkelberger, J.R., Serão, N.V., Niederwerder, M.C., Kerrigan, M.A., Lunney, J.K., Rowland, R.R., Dekkers, J.C. (2017). Effect of a major quantitative trait locus for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) resistance on response to coinfection with PRRS virus and porcine circovirus type 2b (PCV2b) in commercial pigs, with or without prior vaccination for PRRS. Journal of Animal Science February; 95(2):584-598. {PubMed}

Dunkelberger, J.R., Serao, N.V.L., Weng, Z., Waide, E.H., Niederwerder, MC., Kerrigan, M.A., Lunney, J.K., Rowland, R.R.R., Dekkers, J.C.M. (2017). Genomic regions associated with host response to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccination and coinfection in nursery pigs. BMC Genomics November 13; 18(1)865. {Pub Med}

Faburay, B., LaBeaud, A.D., McVey, D.S., Wilson, W.C., Richt, J.A. (2017). Current status of rift valley fever vaccine development. Vaccines September; 5(3):29. {Pub Med}

Gong, W., Jia, J., Zhang, B., Mi, S., Zhang, L., Xie, X., Guo, H., Shi, J., Tu, C. (2017). Serum metabolomic profiling of piglets infected with virulent classical swine fever virus. Frontiers in Microbiology April 27; 8:731. {PubMed}

Higgs, S., Walker, P.F., Goraleski, K.A. (2017). Perspective piece: Clara Southmayd Ludlow: Her thirst for knowledge was positively inspirational: Honoring a female giant in tropical medicine. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; 97(6):1638-1639.

Huang, Y.S., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2017). Biological control strategies for mosquito vectors of arboviruses. Insects February 10; 8(1). {PubMed}

Ikegami, T., Balogh, A., Nishiyama, S., Lokugamage, N., Saito, T.A., Morrill, J.C., Shivanna, V., Indran, S.V., Zhang, L., Smith, J.K., Perez, D., Juelich, T.L., Morozov, I., Wilson, W.C., Freiberg, A.N., Richt, J.A. (2017). Distinct virulence of Rift Valley fever phlebovirus strains from different genetic lineages in a mouse model. PLoS ONE 2017 December 21; 12(12):e0189250 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0189250. eCollection 2017.{Pub Med

Lee, J., Yu, H., Li, Y., Ma, J., Lang, Y., Duff, M., Henningson, J., Liu, Q., Li, Y., Nagy, A., Bawa, B., Li, Z., Tong, G., Richt, J.A., Ma, W. (2017). Impacts of different expressions of PA-X protein on 2009 pandemic H1N1 virus replication pathogenicity and host immune responses. Virology April; 504:25-35. {PubMed

Li, P., Eckels, S.J. (2017). Measurements and numerical simulations of heat transfer and pressure drop in a duct with smooth walls. ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition Proceedings (IMECE); 8.

Lough, G., Rashidi, H., Kyriazakis, I., Dekkers, J.C.M., Hess, A., Hess, M., Deeb, N., Kause, A., Lunney, J.K., Rowland, R.R.R., Mulder, H.A., Doeschl-Wilson, A. (2017). Use of multi-trait and random regression models to identify genetic variation in tolerance to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Genetics Selection Evolution April 19; 49(1):37. {PubMed}

Ma, J., Lee, J., Liu, H., Mena, I., Davis, A.S., Sunwoo, S.Y., Lang, Y., Duff, M., Morozov, I., Li, Y., Yang, J., Garcia-Sastre, A., Richt, J.A., Ma, W. (2017). Newcastle disease virus-based H5 influenza vaccine protects chickens from lethal challenge with a highly pathogenic H5N2 avian influenza virus. NPJ Vaccines December 4; 2:33. {Pub Med}

Mancera Gracia, J.C., Van den Hoecke, S., Richt, J.A., Ma, W., Saelens, X., Van Reeth, K. (2017). A reassortant H9N2 influenza virus containing 2009 pandemic H1N1 internal-protein genes acquired enhanced pig-to-pig transmission after serial passages in swine. Sci Rep. May 2; 7(1):1323. {PubMed}

Mann, G.W., Eckels, S.J. (2017). Focal plane model for flat refractive geometry. Journal of the European Optical Society; 13(1):39.

Noronha, L.E., Wilson, W.C. (2017). Comparison of two zoonotic viruses from the order Bunyavirales. Current Opinion in Virology December; 27:36-41. {Pub Med}

Oo, A., Rausalu, K., Merits, A., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D., Bakar, S.A., Zandi, K. (2017). Deciphering the potential of baicalin as an antiviral agent for Chikungunya virus infection. Antiviral Research February; 150:101-111. {PubMed}

Osuna, C.E., Lim, S.Y., Deleage, C., Griffin, B.D., Stein, D., Schroeder, L.T., Omage, R., Best, K., Luo, M., Hraber, P.T., Andersen-Elyard, H., Ojeda E.F., Huang, S., Vanlandingham, D.L., Higgs, S., Perelson, A.S., Estes, J.D., Safronetz, D., Lewis, M.G., Whitney, J.B. (2017). Corrigendum: Zika viral dynamics and shedding in rhesus and cynomolgus macaques. Nat Med. February 7; 23(2):264. {PubMed}

Pardi, N., Hogan, M.J., Pelc, R.S., Muramatsu, H., Andersen, H., DeMaso, C.R., Dowd, K.A., Sutherland, L.L., Scearce, R.M., Parks, R., Wagner, W., Granados, A., Greenhouse, J., Walker, M., Willis, E., Yu, J.S., McGee, C.E., Sempowski, G.D., Mui, B.L., Tam, Y.K., Huang, Y.J., Vanlandingham, D., Holmes, V.M., Balachandran, H., Sahu, S., Lifton, M., Higgs, S., Hensley, S.E., Madden, T.D., Hope, M.J., Karikó, K., Santra, S., Graham, B.S., Lewis, M.G., Pierson, T.C., Haynes, B.F., Weissman, D. (2017). Zika virus protection by a single low-dose nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccination. Nature March 9; 543(7644):248-251. {PubMed}

Pieck, M.L., Ruck, A., Farman, M.L., Peterson, G.L., Stack, J.P., Valent, B., Pedley, K.F. (2017). Genomics-based marker discovery and diagnostic assay development for wheat blast. Plant Disease January; 101(1):103-109. {Article}

Popescu, L., Gaudreault, N.N., Whitworth, K.M., Murgia, M.V., Nietfeld, J.C., Mileham, A. Samuel, M., Wells, K.D., Prather, R.S., Rowland, R.R. (2017). Genetically edited pigs lacking CD163 show no resistance following infection with the African swine fever virus isolate, Georgia 2007/1. Virology January 15; 501:102-106. {PubMed}

Popescu, L.N., Trible, B.R., Chen, N., Rowland, R.R.R. (2017). GP5 of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) as a target for homologous and broadly neutralizing antibodies. Veterinary Microbiology September; 209:90-96. {Pub Med}

Prather, R.S., Wells, K.D., Whitworth, K.M., Kerrigan, M.A., Samuel, M.S., Mileham, A., Popescu, L.N., Rowland, R.R.R. (2017). Knockout of maternal CD163 protects fetuses from infection with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV). Scientific Reports October 17; 7(1):13371. {Pub Med}

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Riad, M.H., Scoglio, C.M., McVey, D.S., Cohnstaedt, L.W. (2017). Estimation of parameters and basic reproductive ratio for Japanese encephalitis transmission in the Philippines using a sequential Monte Carlo filter. 1st Annual IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications, CCTA 2017, 2017-January, pp. 668-673.

Rosenthal, P.J., Bausch, D.G., Higgs, S., Rabinovich, N.R., Hill, D.R., Plowe, C.V., Goraleski, K.A., Walker, P.F. (2017). Evidence-based policies on migration and global health are essential to maintain the health of those inside and outside the United States. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 96(1):5-6. PMID: 28077738. {PubMed}

Rowland R. R., Lunney, J. K. (2017). Alternative strategies for the control and elimination of PRRS.Veterinary Microbiology, 209, pp. 1-4.

Sanchez, E.G., Riera, E., Nogal, M., Gallardo, C., Fernández, P., Bello-Morales, R., López-Guerrero, J.A., Chitko-McKown, C.G., Richt, J.A., Revilla, Y.  Phenotyping and susceptibility of established porcine cell lines to Arican Swine Fever Virus infection and viral production.  (2017) Sci Rep. 1027 Sept 4:7(1)10369 doi: 10.1038/s41598-0170-09948-x.  {PubMed}

Stella, J.M., Luchansky, J.B., Miller, K., Shoyer, B.A., Shane, L.E., McGeary, L., Osoria, M., Stahler, L.J., Sevart, N.J., Phebus, R.K., Thippareddi, H., Porto-Fett, A.C.S. (2017). Use of an Electrostatic Spraying System or the Sprayed Lethality in Container Method To Deliver Antimicrobial Agents onto the Surface of Beef Subprimals To Control Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli.J Food Prot. 2017 Aug;80(8):1393-1400. doi: 10.4315/0362-028X.JFP-16-406. {PubMed}

van den Hurk, A.F., Hall-Mendelin, S., Jansen, C.C., Higgs, S. (2017). Zika virus and Culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes: a tenuous link. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 17(10), pp. 1014-1016. PMID: 28948917. {PubMed}

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Zhang, B., Mi, S., Bao, F., Guo, H., Tu, C., Shi, J., Gong, W. (2017). Complete genome sequence of a sub-subgenotype 2.1i isolate of classical swine fever virus from China. Genome Announcements 5(14), art. no. e0012717. {PubMed}