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Biosecurity Research Institute


2013 Research Publications
(Listed alphabetically by first author)

Briese, T., Calisher, C.J., & Higgs, S. (2013). Viruses of the family bunyaviridae: are all avaialbe isolates reassortants? Virology. 446:207-216. {PDF} {PubMed}

Britch, S., Binepal, Y.S., Kariithi, H.M., Linthicum, K., Ateya, L.O., Oriko, A.>, Gacheru, S., Wilson, W.C. (2013). Correlation of Risk Assessment Model to Sero-surveillance of Rift Valley Fever in Kenyan Wildlife. PLoS One. 8:e66626. {PDF} {PubMed}

Faburay, B., Wilson, W.C., McVey, D.S., Drolet, B.S., Weingartl, H., Madden, D., Young, A., Ma, W., and Richt, J.A. (2013). Rift Valley fever virus structural and non-structural proteins: Recombinant protein expression and immunoreactivity against antisera from sheep. Vector-borne and Zoonotic Diseases. 13(9): 619-629. {PDF} {PubMed}

Giraldo, M.C., Valent, B. (2013). Filamentous plant pathogen effectors in action. Nat Rev Microbiol. Nov; 11(11):800-14. Doi: 10.1038/nrmicro3119. {PubMed}

Giraldo, M.C., Dagdas, Y.F., Gupta, Y.K., Mentlak, T.A., Yi, M., Martinez-Rocha, A.L., Saitoh, H., Terauchi, R., Talbot, N.J., Valent, B. (2013). Two distinct secretion systems facilitate tissue invasion by the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. Nat Commun. 2013;4:1996. Doi: 10.1038/ncomms2996. {PubMed}

Gorgy, E., Eckels, S.J. (2013). Convective boiling of R-134a and R-123 on an enhanced tube bundle with standard pitch, RP-1316. (2013-04-05)

Harhay, G.P., Koren, S., Philippy, A.M., McVey, D.S., Kuszak, J., Clawson, M.L., Harhay D.M., Heaton, M.P., Chitko-McKown, C.G., Smith, T.P. (2013). Complete Closed Genome Sequences of Mannheimia haemolytica Serotypes A1 and A6, Isolated from Cattle.  Genome Announcement. May 16:1(3). Pii: e00188-13. Doi:10.1128/genomeA.00188-13. {PubMed}

Higgs, S. (2013). Alternative approaches to control dengue and chikungunya: transgenic mosquitoes. Public Health. 24:35-42. {PDF}

Kahn, R.E., Richt, J.A. (2013). The novel H7N9 influenza A virus: its present impact and indeterminate future. Vector borne and zoonotic diseases (Larchmont, N.Y.) 13(6):347-8. PubMed [journal] PMID: 23631726, PMCID: PMC3709519. {PDF} {PubMed}

Nuckols, J.T., Ziegler, S.A., Huang, Y-S.S, McAuley, A., Vanlandingham, D.L., Spratt, H., Davey, R.A., Higgs, S. (2013). Infection of Aedes albopictus with Chikungunya Virus Rectally Administered by Enema. Vector-Borne & Zoonotic Diseases 13(2):103-110.PMID:23249139. {PDF} {PubMed}

Ozuna, A.G., Rowland, R.R., Nietfeld, J.C., Kerrigan, M.A., Dekkers, J.C., Wyatt, C.R. (2012). Preliminary Findings of a Previously Unrecognized Porcine Primary Immundeficiency Disorder. et Pathol.2013 Jan;50(1):144-6. doi: 10.1177/0300985812457790. Epub 2012 Aug 16. {PDF} {PubMed}

Rider, M.A., Zou, J., Vanlandingham, D.L., Nuckols, J.T., Higgs, S., Zhang, Q., Lacey, M., Kim, J., Wang, G., Hong, Y.S. (2013). Quantitative proteomic analysis of the Anopheles gamiae (Diptera: Culicidae) midgut infected with o'nyong-nyong virus. J Med Entomology. 50(5):1077-88.PMID:24180113 {PDF} {PubMed}

Sidor, I.F., Dunn, J.L., Tsongalis, G.J., Carlson, J., Frasca Jr., S. (2013). A multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction assay with two internal controls for the detection of Brucella species in tissues, blood, and feces from marine mammals. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation Jan;25(1):72-81. {PubMed}

Stack, J.P., Fletcher, J., Gullino, M.L. (2013). Plant biosecurity and climate change: a new world disorder?, pp 161-181, in Global Climate Change, New Drivers for Resistance, Crime, and Terrorism? Nomos, Baden-Baden, Germany, 298 pp.

Tsetsarkin, K.A., Sampson-Johannes, A., Sawyer, L., Kinsey, J., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2013). Photochemical inactivation of chikungunya virus in human apheresis platelet components by amotosalen and UVA light. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 88(6):1163-9.PMID:23530077. {PDF} {PubMed}

Vanlandingham, D.L., Keil, S.D., Horne, K.M., Pyles, R., Goodrich, R.P., Higgs, S. (2013). Photochemical inactivation of chikungunya virus in plasma and platelets using the Mirasol pathogen reduction technology system. Transfusion. 53(2):284-90. PMID: 22626525. {PDF

Wilson, W.C., Romito, M., Jasperson, D.C., Weingartl, H., Binepal, Y.S., Maluleke, M.R., Wallace, D.B., Jansen van Vuren, P., and Paweska, J. (2013). Development of a Rift Valley fever real-time RT-PCR assay that can detect all three genome segments. J. Virol Meth. 193:426-431. {PDF} {PubMed}

Wilson, W.C., Weingartl, H.M., Drolet, B.S., Dave, K., Harpster, M.H., Johnson, P.A., Faburay, B., Ruder, M.G., Richt, J.A., McVey, D.S. (2013). Diagnostic approaches for Rift Valley fever. Dev Biol (Basel). 2013; 135:73-8. Doi:10.1159/000276828. {PubMed}

Yi, M., Valent, B. (2013). Communication between filamentous pathogens and plants at the biotrophic interface. Annu Rev Phytopathol. 2013;51:587-611. Doi: 10.1146/annurev-phyto-081211-172916. Review. {PubMed}