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Biosecurity Research Institute

One Health Kansas Introductory Lesson - Student Handout



  1. What is “zoonosis”?
  2. Log in to one of the websites below to start your investigation. If time allows, go to the second website for further information.
    http://onehealthkansas.k-state.edu/ or http://www.onehealthinitiative.com/index.php  
  3. Collect facts from the above websites and included links that focus on the questions below:
    Record your facts on a separate sheet of paper (or on the back of this page).
    • What is One Health Kansas?/ What is One Health Initiative?
    • Why is it necessary?
    • What does it do for us?
    • What is the relationship between One Health Kansas/ One Health Initiative andzoonotic diseases?
    • What career opportunities are available that are related to public health?
  4. Evaluation. Write your response to the following prompt:
    • Why are ONE HEALTH initiatives important to our lives?  Explain the relationships among people, animals and health.