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Biosecurity Research Institute

Unit Plan

Standards Addressed:

See Science Standards page

Indicators that students have achieved the standards:

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships of science, technology and society
  • Application of scientific habits in order to apply scientific processes and principles to everyday life.
  • Students will demonstrate they are scientifically literate citizens who develop and apply the skills of scientific inquiry.
  • Analyzing and synthesizing information as well as communicating understanding of science concepts.
  • Solving problems applying scientific reasoning.

Learning Objectives (The student will...)

  • Develop a working knowledge of tick-borne diseases
  • Apply scientific principals to graph analysis and zoonotic scenarios
  • Demonstrate an understanding of zoonosis

Assessment and criteria for judging student progress toward indicator:

  • Pre-test given before lesson begins – no score required
  • The student will demonstrate comprehension through group related activity, verbal assessment as well as formal assessment and hand-in work.
  • Post-test given after completion of unit – student should score 75% or better to demonstrate acceptable understanding

Daily learning activities (includes active engagement, connectedness, reflection):



Article annotation (see provided article / reading list for student annotation) Provide students with article for standard classroom annotation and discussion of article


Day #1 (50 min)

Provide tick-borne pre-test for baseline understanding on tick-borne disease Collect data for pre / post test results to demonstrate learning acquired

Follow “One-Health” lesson plan attached Information PowerPoint included Student activity

Day #2 (50 min)

Follow tick-borne disease PowerPoint Includes a YouTube video (up to 15 min)

Provide tick identification flash card activity (attached) Students to work on in remaining time or at home (prepares for some questions on test)

Day #3 (90 min)

Lab activity Diagnosing tick-borne illness Lab procedures attached – advanced set-up needed

Post-test (information attached) Collect data – compare results to pre-test to demonstrate level of understanding

Continue exploration on topic as time permits Web links / activities in One Health lesson or Tick-Borne lesson


See list of extension activities for continued learning on the topic including:

Spatial epidemiology Lab extension (PCR of simulated tick-borne pathogens) Tick collection Marketing project