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Biosecurity Research Institute

Biocontainment Operations

BRI's biocontainment operations is a customer-oriented unit whose goal is to help facilitate your project. BRI staff will assist you in evaluating your research needs, selecting appropriate spaces to work within the building, developing SOPs, selecting and installing specialized equipment, training you and your staff, and troubleshooting problems that arise during your research at the BRI. For more information on operational support services, please contact the Director of Biocontainment Operations. With the exception of the supplemental operational support services, all services are included with room rental fees.

Routine support services listed below are included in fees (unless otherwise noted).

Maintenance Support
Facilities & Equipment
  •  Use of common spaces, including:
    • Autoclave rooms
    • Change vestibules
    • Corridors
    • Animal support spaces
  • Maintenance staff with expertise in operations of biocontainment facilities
  • Building Management System to control and monitor all critical building equipment
  • Redundant equipment systems to ensure a safe work environment for all research
  • Basic repair and maintenance services
  • Utilities and telephone
 Support Services Staff
Operations Support
  • Required space decontamination services
  • Laboratory support services and coordination
    • Laundry services
    • Basic required laboratory clothing for use inside biocontainment areas
    • Waste management (autoclave, tissue digester, effluent decontamination, radioactive materials, sharps, chemical waste, required supplies unless outside of expected quantities and types)
    • Equipment inventory management
    • Shower supplies (standard shampoo, soap, towels)
    • Stock room operations (supply costs reimbursable to the BRI as appropriate
    • Standard required personal protective equipment (PPE), including:
      • Disposable gloves
      • Disposable gowns
      • Eye protection
      • Disposable respirators
      • Tyvek covers (sleeves, suits)
      • Animal handling protection
    • Core laboratory equipment, including:
      • Biosafety cabinets
      • Deionized water source (house system)
      • As available:
        • Incubators
        • Freezers
        • Refrigerators
       Supplemental operations support services:
              (additional fees apply)
  • Specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements (e.g., non-disposable respirators) based on risk assessment of individual projects
  • Specialized facility improvement or modifications for equipment installation and use
  • Special decontamination services
  • Special waste disposal needs
  • Kansas State University Comparative Medicine Group (CMG) services specific to the BRI:
    • Animal care staff
    • Veterinary technician staff
    • Biocontainment Veterinarian
    • Feed
    • Animal room set-up
    • Cage wash
    • Transportation and delivery
    • Supplies at cost, plus order fees
Technology Support Team 
Information Technology 
  • Reasonable individual space on network drives for data storage and retrieval
  • Internet and network connection from biocontainment space (individual PC connection must be authorized by the information technology officer)
  • Information technology support, including management of secure data network with automated back‐up.


Security Support

Security Operations

Physical security program administration and management, including:

  • Controlled access
  • General background investigations
  • Camera systems