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Biosecurity Research Institute

Schedule of Charges

The BRI is committed to the success of your research. The BRI research support team will work with you to evaluate your research needs, develop standard operating procedures for your work, obtain select agent approvals, and more. Routine support services are included; other added-fee services are available. 

The following is a summary of biocontainment use fees for internal (K-State) users. For external cost per space per day, please contact Colleen Hackenberg at 785-532-1333 or by email at info@bri.ksu.edu.

BSL-3 Research Laboratories

SizeNumber AvailableInternal Cost Per Space Per Day
BSL-3 Laboratory with Shared Vestibule
200 ft23


BSL-3 Laboratory with Shared Vestibule
400 ft21$257

BSL-3 Laboratory with Vestibule 

315 ft25$166

BSL-3 Laboratory with Vestibule

370 ft21$238
BSL-3 Laboratory with Shower Block 600 ft21$386
BSL-3 Laboratory with Vestibule545 ft21$286
BSL-3 Laboratory with Shower Block 531 ft21$279
BSL-3 Laboratory with Shower Block820 ft21$527
Support and Preparatory LaboratoriesSizeNumber AvailableInternal Cost Per Space Per Day
BSL-2 Laboratory            160 ft22$84
BSL-2 Laboratory 190 ft21$122
Walk-in Growth Chamber135 ft23$71
Walk-in Growth Chamber with Outer Vestibule 170 ft21$89

Specialized Spaces

SizeNumber Available

Internal Cost Per Space Per Day

Specialized Food Processing Area1610 ft21$846
Multipurpose Food Processing Area1060 ft21$557

BSL-3Ag Large Animal Holding Room       

* Plus Standard Set Up/Clean Up Fee of $7,658            

850 ft23$547

BSL-3Ag Small Animal Holding Room

* Plus Standard Set Up/Clean Up Fee of $4,858

540 ft22$347

ABSL-3 Vivarium with Ventilated Cage Isolation System

* Plus Standard Set Up/Clean Up Fee of $4,494

500 ft2 1$321
Arthropod Containment Level 3 (ACL-3) Laboratory with Shared Shower Block 230 ft2 1$148
Multi-use Pathogen Storage183 ft²  1$118
Mosquito Rearing Room257 ft²  1$124

Supplemental operations support services

Additional fees apply for the following.

  • Specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements (e.g., non-disposable respirators) based on risk assessment of individual projects

  • Specialized facility improvement or modifications for equipment installation and use

  • Special decontamination services

  • Special waste disposal needs

  • Comparative Medicine Group (CMG) services specific to the BRI, including:

    • Animal care staff
    • Veterinary technician staff
    • Biocontainment Veterinarian
    • Feed
    • Animal room set-up
    • Cage wash
    • Transportation and delivery
    • Supplies at cost, plus order fees