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2018 Research Publications
(Listed alphabetically by first author)

Ayers, V.B., Huang, Y.S., Lyons, A.C., Park, S.L., Higgs, S., Dunlop, J.I., Kohl, A., Alto, B.W., Unlu, I., Blitvich, B.J., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2018). Culex tarsalis is a competent vector species for Cache Valley virus. Parasit Vectors September 20, 2018; 11(1):519. {Pub Med}

Bangaru, S., Zhang, H., Gilchuk, I.M., Voss, T.G., Irving, R.P., Gilchuk, P., Matta, P., Zhu, X., Lang, S., Nieusma, T., Richt, J.A., Albrecht, R.A., Vanderven, H.A., Bombardi, R., Kent, S.J., Ward, A.B., Wilson, I.A., Crowe, J.E. Jr. (2018). A multifunctional human monoclonal neutralizing antibody that targets a unique conserved epitope on influenza HA. Nat Commun. July 10; 9(1):2669. {Pub Med}

Borca, M.V., O'Donnell, V., Holinka, L.G., Ramirez-Medina, E., Clark, B.A., Vuono, E.A., Berggren, K., Alfano, M., Carey, L.B., Richt, J.A., Risatti, G.R., Gladue, D.P. (2018). The L83L ORF of African swine fever virus strain Georgia encodes for a non-essential gene that interacts with the host protein IL-1β. Virus Res. April 2; 249:116-123. {Pub Med}

Burakova, Y., Madera, R., McVey, S., Schlup, J.R., Shi, J. (2018). Adjuvants for animal vaccines. Viral Immunology; 31(1):11-22. {Pub Med}

Calisher, C.H., Higgs, S. (2018). The discovery of arthropod-specific viruses in Hematophagous arthropods: An open door to understanding the mechanisms of arbovirus and arthropod evolution? Annual Review of Entomology Jan 7; 63:87-103. {Pub Med}

Collins, N.D., Beck, A.S., Widen, S.G., Wood, T.G., Higgs, S., Barrett, A.D.T (2018). Structural and non-structural genes contribute to the genetic diversity of RNA viruses. MBio 9(5). {Pub Med}

Cook, C.L., Huang, Y.S., Lyons, A.C., Alto, B.W., Unlu, I., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2018). North American Culex pipiens and Culex quinquefasciatus are competent vectors for Usutu virus. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. August 17; 12(8):e0006732. {Pub Med}

Dee, S.A., Bauermann, F.V., Niederwerder, M.C., Singrey, A., Clement, T., de Lima, M., Long, C., Patterson, G., Sheahan, M.A., Stoian, A.M.M., Petrovan, V., Jones, C.K., De Jong, J., Ji, J., Spronk, G.D., Minion, L., Christopher-Hennings, J., Zimmerman, J.J., Rowland, R.R.R., Nelson, E., Sundberg, P., Diel, D.G. (2018). Survival of viral pathogens in animal feed ingredients under transboundary shipping models. PLoS ONE March 20; 13(3). {Pub Med}

Elias, E., McVey, D.S., Peters, D., Derner, J.D., Pelzel-McCluskey, A., Schrader, T.S., Rodriguez, L. (2018). Contributions of hydrology to vesicular stomatitis virus emergence in the western USA. Ecosystems. (Article in Press)

Gladieux, P., Condon, B., Ravel, S., Soanes, D., Maciel, J.L.N., Nhani, A., Jr., Chen, L., Terauchi, R., Lebrun, M.H, Tharreau, D., Mitchell, T., Pedley, K.F., Valent, B., Talbot, N.J., Farman, M., Fournier, E. (2018). Gene flow between divergent cereal- and grass- specific lineages of the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe oryzae. MBio; 9(1):e01219-17. {Pub Med}

Guo, R., Shang, P., Carrillo, C.A., Sun, Z., Lakshmanappa, Y.S., Yan, X., Renukaradhya, G.J., McGill, J., Jaing, C.J., Niederwerder, M.C., Rowland, R.R.R., Fang, Y. (2018). Double-stranded viral RNA persists in vitro and in viro during prolonged infection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Virology August 27; 524:78-89. {Pub Med}

Haley, N.J., Richt, J.A., Davenport, K.A., Henderson, D.M., Hoover, E.A., Manca, M., Caughey, B., Marthaler, D., Bartz, J., Gilch, S. (2018). Design, implementation, and interpretation of amplification studies for prion detection. Prion March 4; 12(2):73-82. {Pub Med}

Hasty, J.D., Henson, J.A., Acuff, G.R., Burson, D.E., Luchansky, J.B., Sevart, N.J., Phebus, R.K., Porto-Fett, A.C.S., Thippareddi, H. (2018). Validation of a sequential hide-on bob veal carcass antimicrobial intervention composed of a hot water wash and lactic acid spray in combination with scalding to control Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli surrogates. J. Food Prot. May; 81(5):762-768. {Pub Med}

Heimerman, M.E., Murgia, M.V., Wu, P., Lowe, A.D., Jia, W., Rowland, R.R. (2018). Linear epitopes in African swine fever virus p72 recognized by monoclonal antibodies prepared against baculovirus-expressed antigen. J Vet Diagn Invest. May; 30(3):406-412. {Pub Med}

Higgs, S. (2018). Authentication of research materials: mosquitoes for sale? Caveat Emptor. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases; 18(4):185-187.

Je, S.H., Kwon, T., Yoo, S.J., Lee, D.U., Lee, S., Richt, J.A., Lyoo, Y.S. (2018). Classical swine fever outbreak after modified live LOM strain vaccination in naïve pigs, South Korea. Emerging Infectious Diseases April; 24(4):798-800. {Pub Med}

Ke, H., Han, M., Zhang, Q., Rowland, R., Kerrigan, M., Yoo, D. (2018). Type I interferon suppression-negative and host mRNA nuclear retention-negative mutation in nsp1B confers attenuation of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in pigs. Virology April; 517:177-187. {Pub Med}

Laughlin, R.C., Madera, R., Peres, Y., Berquist, B.R., Wang, L., Buist, S., Burakova, Y., Palle, S., Chung, C.J., Rasmussen, M.V., Martel, E., Brake, D.A., Neilan, J.G., Lawhon, S.D., Adams, L.G., Shi, J., Marcel, S. (2018). Plant-made E2 glycoprotein single-dose vaccine protects pigs against classical swine fever. Plant Biotechnol J. July 11. {Pub Med}

Laughhunn, A., Huang, Y.S., Vanlandingham, D.L., Lanteri, M.C., Stassinopoulos, A. (2018). Inactivation of chikungunya virus in blood components treated with atmotosalen/ultraviolet A light of amustaline/glutathione. Transfusion March; 58(3): 748-757. {Pub Med}

Lehiy, C.J., Reister-Hendricks, L.M., Ruder, M.G., McVey, D.S., Drolet, B.S. (2018). Physiological and immunological responses to Culicoides sonorensis blood-feeding: A murine model. Parasites and Vectors 11(1), art no. 358. {PubMed}

Li, P., Eckels, S.J., Mann, G.W., Zhang, N. (2018). A method of measuring turbulent flow structures with particle image velocimetry and incorporating into boundary conditions of large eddy simulations. Journal of Fluids Engineering, Transactions of the ASME; 140(7):071401.

Lyons, A.C., Huang, Y.S., Park, S.L., Ayers, V.B., Hettenbach, S.M., Higgs, S., McVey, D.S., Noronha L., Hsu, W.W., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2018). Shedding of Japanese encephalitis virus in oral fluid of infected swine. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis, 18(9):469-474. {Pub Med}

Madera, R.F., Wang, L., Gong, W., Burakova, Y., Buist, S., Nietfeld, J., Henningson, J., Cino-Ozuna, A.G., Tu, C., Shi, J. (2018). Toward the development of a one-dose classical swine fever subunit vaccine; antigen titration, immunity onset, and duration of immunity. Journal of Veterinary Science May 31; 19(3):393-405. {Pub Med}

Medina, L.O., To, A., Lieberman, M.M., Wong, T.A.S., Namekar, M., Nakano, E., Andersen, H., Yalley-Ogunro, J., Greenhouse, J., Higgs, S., Huang, Y.-J.S., Vanlandingham, D.L., Horton, J.S., Clements, D.E., Lehrer, A.T. (2018). A recombinant subunit based Zika virus vaccine is efficacious in nonhuman primates. Frontiers in Immunology 2018 Nov 8;9:2464. PMID: 30467501  DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.02464. {Pub Med}

Neng, J., Li, Y., Driscoll, A.J., Wilson, W.C., Johnson, P.A. (2018). Detection of multiple pathogens in serum using silica-encapsulated nanotags in a surface-enhanced raman scattering-based immunoassay. J. Agric. Food Chem. June 6; 66(22); 5707-5712. {Pub Med}

Oliveira, A.R.S., Cohnstaedt, L.W., Strathe, E., Etcheverry, L., McVey, D.S., Piaggio, J., Cernicchiaro, N. (2018). Meta-analyses of Japanese encephalitis virus infection, dissemination, and transmission rates in vectors. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene March; 98(3):883-890. {Pub Med}

Oliveira, A.R.S., Piaggio, J., Cohnstaedt, L.W., McVey, D.S., Cernicchiaro, N. (2018). A quantitative risk assessment (QRA) of the risk of introduction of the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) in the United States via infected mosquitoes transported in aircraft and cargo ships. Preventive Veterinary Medicine November 15, 2018; 160:1-9.

Oliveira, A.R.S., Strathe, E., Etcheverry, L., Cohnstaedt, L.W., McVey, D.S., Piaggio, J., Cernicchiaro, N. (2018). Assessment of data on vector and host competence for Japanese encephalitis virus: A systemic review of the literature. Preventive Veterinary Medicine June 1; 154:71-89. {Pub Med}

Oo, A., Rausalu, K., Merits, A., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D., Bakar, S.A., Zandi, K. (2018). Deciphering the potential of baicalin as an antiviral agent for Chikungunya virus infection. Antiviral Research February; 150:101-111. {Pub Med}

Park, S.L., Huang, Y.S., Lyons, A.C., Ayers, V.B., Hettenbach, S.M., McVey, D.S., Burton, K.R., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2018). North American domestic pigs are susceptible to experimental infection with Japanese encephalitis virus. Scientific Reports May; 8(1):7951. {Pub Med}

Park, S.L., Huang, Y.S., Higgs, S., Vanlandingham, D.L. (2018). Application of a nonpaper based matrix to preserve chikungunya virus infectivity at ambient temperature. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. May;18(5):278-281. {Pub Med}

Ragan, I.K., Davis A.S., McVey, D.S., Richt, J.A., Rowland, R.R., Wilson, W.C. (2018). Evaluation of fluorescence microsphere immunoassay for detection of antibodies to Rift Valley fever virus nucleocapsid protein and glycoproteins. Journal of Clinical Microbiology May 25; 56(6). {Pub Med}

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Schirtzinger, E.E., Jasperson, D.C., Ostlund, E.N., Johnson, D.J., Wilson, W.C. (2018). Recent US bluetongue virus serotype 3 isolates found outside of Florida indicate evidence of reassortment with co-circulating endemic serotypes. J. Gen. Virol. Feb; 99(2): 157-168. {Pub Med}

Seckin, C., Alpun Kalayci, G., Turan, N., Richt, J.A., Yilmaz, H, (2018). Immunomodulatory effects of Echinacea and Pelargonium on innate and adoptive immunity in calves. Food and Agricultural Immunology; 1-18.

Shane, L.E., Porto-Fett, A.C.S., Shoyer, B.A., Phebus, R.K., Thippareddi, H., Hallowell, A., Miller, K., Foster-Bey, L., Campano, S.G., Taormina, P.J., Glowski, D.L., Tompkin, R.B., Luchansky, J.B. (2018). Evaluation of post-fermentation heating times and temperatures for controlling Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli cells in a non-dried, pepperoni-type sausage. Ital. Food Saf. July 3; 2(7):7250. {Pub Med}

Smolensky, D., Rhodes, D., McVey, D.S., Fawver, Z., Perumal, R., Herald, T., Noronha, L. (2018). High-polyphenol sorghum bran extract inhibits cancer cell growth through ROS induction, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis. J. Med Food May 7. {Pub Med}

Stone, D., Lyons, A.C., Huang, Y-J.S., Vanlandingham, D.L., Higgs, S., Blitvich, B.J., Adesiyun, A.A., Santana, S.E., Leiser-Miller, L., Cheetham, S. (2018). Serological evidence of widespread exposure of Grenada fruit bats to chikungunya virus. Zoonoses Public Health March; 00:1-7. {Pub Med}

Valiant, W.G., Huang, Y-J.S., Vanlandingham, D.L., Higgs, S., Lewis, M.G. & Mattapallil, J.J.(2018) Zika convalescent macaques display delayed induction of anmanestic cross-neutralizing antibody responses after dengue infection. Emerging Microbes & Infections 7(1):130. {Pub Med}

Vial, L., Ducheyne, E., Filatov, S., Gerilovych, A., McVey, D.S., Sindryakova, I., Morqunov, S., Perez de Leon, A.A., Kolbasov, D., De Clercq, E.M. (2018). Spatial multi-criteria decision analysis for modelling suitable habitats of Ornithodoros soft ticks in the western Paleartic region. Veterinary Parasitology January 15; 249:2-16. {Pub Med}

Waez, M.S., Eckels, S.J., Sorensen, C.M. (2018). A refractive-index and position-independent single-particle detector for large, nonabsorbing, spherical particles. Aerosol Science and Technology.

Waide, E.H., Tuggle, C.K., Serao, N.V.L., Schroyen, M., Hess, A., Rowland, R.R.R., Lunney, J.K., Plastow, G., Dekkers, J.C.M. (2018). Genomic prediction of piglet response to infection with one of two porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus isolates. Genetics Selection Evolution February 1; 50(1):3. {Pub Med}

Wilson, W.C., Kim, I.J., Trujillo, J.D., Sunwoo, S.Y., Noronha, L.E., Urbaniak, K., McVey, D.S., Drolet, B.S., Morozov, I., Faburay, B., Schirtzinger, E.E., Koopman, T., Indran, S.V., Balaraman, V., Richt, J.A. (2018). Susceptibility of white-tailed deer to rift valley fever virus. Emerging Infect. Dis. September; 24(9):1717-1719. {Pub Med}

Xia, C., Wolf, J.J., Vijayan, M., Studstill, C.J., Ma, W., Hahm, B. (2018). Casein Kinsase 1α mediates the degradation of receptors for type I and type II interferons caused by hemagglutinin of influenza A virus. J Virol. March 14; 92(7). {Pub Med}

Yan, D., Shi, Y., Wang, H., Li, G., Li, X., Wang, B., Su, X., Wang, J., Teng, Q., Yang, J., Chen, H., Liu, Q., Ma, W., Li, Z. (2018). A single mutation at position 156 in envelope protein of Tembusu virus is responsible for virus tissue tropism and transmissibility in ducks. J. Virol. June 13; pii: JVI.00427-18. {Pub Med}

Yilmaz, H., Cizmecigil, U., Tarakci, E.A., Aydin, O., Yilmaz, A., Calicioglu, M., Ciftcioglu, G., Aydin, A., Bostan, K., Sireli, T., Guzel, M., Karakullukcu, A., Kocazeybek, B., Van Der Poel, W., Richt, J., Turan, N. (2018). Investigation of Hepatitis A and e viruses in mussels collected from the bosphorus, in Instanbul, Turkey. Czech Journal of Food Sciences; 36(3)215-220. DOI: 10.17221/233/2017-CJFS.

Yilmaz, H., Faburay, B., Turan, N., Cotton-Caballero, M., Cetinkaya, B., Gurel, A., Yilmaz, A., Cizmecigil, U.Y., Aydin, O., Tarakci, E.A., Bayraktar, E., Richt, J.A. (2018). Production of recombinant n protein of infectious bronchitis virus using the baculovirus expression system and its assessment as a diagnostic antigen. Appl Biochem Biotechnol. July 9. {Pub Med}

Zhao, H., Wang, X., Jia, Y., Minkenberg, B., Wheatley, M., Fan, J., Jia, M.H., Famoso, A., Edwards, J.D., Wamishe, Y., Valent, B., Wang, G.L., Yang, Y. (2018). The rice blast resistance gene Ptr encodes an atypical protein required for broad-spectrum disease resistance. Nature Communications May; 9(1):2039. {Pub Med}