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Biosecurity Research Institute


The Biosecurity Research Institute is one of the most innovative and unique employers in our area. Joining our team means working alongside motivated, experienced staff to facilitate some of the most cutting-edge research, training and education related to the health and safety of plants, animals, and food.

We value teamwork, diversity, and personal growth; these values form a solid foundation for our organizational goals of promoting safe, inventive research to benefit our region, our nation, and our world. Our team takes pride in supporting the important research activities conducted at our facility. We seek high achievers from all different backgrounds; please check back often as our hiring needs change.

Kansas State University is an equal opportunity employer and actively seeks diversity among its employees. 

NOTICE:  New non-student employees and rehired non-student employees are subject to a State of Kansas Tax Clearance check. Find out more about tax clearance.

NOTICE: A Criminal Background Check will be required for all candidates selected for hire.


Employment Opportunities

Biosafety Specialist

The Biosafety Specialist will assist the BRI Biosafety Officer/Select Agent Responsible Official in developing and implementing comprehensive safety programs and policies for the Kansas State University Biosecurity Research Institute (KSU BRI).  This entails assisting with developing and implementing biological safety, biosecurity, chemical safety, life safety and medical surveillance programs and policies for the BRI.  The BRI Biosafety Specialist will assist the BRI Biosafety Officer in coordinating with research personnel, the University Research Compliance Office (URCO), the KSU Department of Environmental Health and Safety and regulatory agencies to ensure that the BRI meets all regulatory requirements, minimizes environmental risks, and protects human health.

More detailed information linked here

Building Management Systems Specialist (Mechanical Manager)

The Biosecurity Research Institute is seeking a Building Management Systems Specialist. The incumbent will apply knowledge of Johnson Controls Building Management Technology (BMS) to theory and practice of biocontainment for operations and management of the Biosecurity Research Institute.

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