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Biosecurity Research Institute

Summer 2019 Graduate Courses Offered at the BRI

The 18-credit hour Agricultural Biosecurity Research Graduate Certificate led by Dr. Dana Vanlandingham is designed to foster the development of research scientists to safely plan and execute research in a variety of biosafety level environments (BSL-3, BSL-3 Ag, and BSL-4). This interdisciplinary certificate will instill common biosafety, containment, and regulatory compliance knowledge and skills that are required to work in high and maximum containment research facilities. The certificate will also provide a deeper understanding of the agents and toxins which are frequently studied in these facilities.

The Agricultural Biosecurity Research Graduate Certificate is offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine to non-degree and degree seeking graduate and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students who plan to work in high and maximum containment facilities. Students will develop an appreciation, and necessary skills, for the exacting performance standards required in these complex and demanding work environments.

Core Courses (12 Credits Required) These core courses are held at Biosecurity Research Institute (BRI)

DMP6901 cr.Essential Practices for BSL-3 Research Settings
DMP6912 cr.Intro to High Containment Research Topics and Techniques
DMP8463 cr.Foundations of Biosecurity
DMP8933 cr.Principles of Biosafety and Biocontainment
DMP895-B3 cr.Select Agent Studies


Elective Courses (6 Credits Required)

AGEC6103 cr.Current Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy Issues
DMP7703 cr.Emerging Diseases
DMP8443 cr.Global Health Issues
DMP8553 cr.Disease Detection, Surveillance and Risk Assessment
DMP8713 cr.Molecular Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases
DMP895-A3 cr.Transboundary Animal Diseases (Held at the BRI)
FDSCI6002 cr.Food Microbiology
FDSCI7302 cr.A Multidisciplinary Overview of Food Safety and Security
FDSCI7312 cr.Food Protection and Defense-Essential Concepts
FDSCI7533 cr.Risk Assessment for Food, Ag & Vet Med

Please note that other classes may be approved by the program director and associated faculty.

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